Dog training & education

You and your four-legged friend want to become a well-coordinated team? Our articles on dog training and education will help you achieve this: from sporty training units to training your dog to stay alone and varied exercises in trick training, you will find useful tips and advice for a relaxed life together with your happy four-legged friend.

Dog training and education

Anti-poison bait training - how it works

Is there a poison bait alert? Don't panic! Anti-poison bait training can protect your pet from eating something harmful on the way. Find out the best way to do it here!


Getting your dog used to a muzzle

Time, patience and treats - what else is important and how you proceed step by step to get your dog used to the muzzle, you can find out here!


Obligation to wear a muzzle: When does it apply?

A muzzle may be compulsory when travelling, on public transport or for certain breeds of dog. Find out here when you should take a muzzle with you for your four-legged friend!


Impulse control in dogs - tips & information

Is your dog anything but steadfast and chases everything that moves on the walk? Find out how to train your four-legged friend's impulse control so that you can get through everyday life in a relaxed manner again.


Getting your dog used to a box - instructions and tips

Is your dog barely able to relax? Box training can help him to calm down. We'll show you how to get your dog used to the box and create an ideal retreat for him.


Mantrailing: Nose work with your dog

With mantrailing as a hobby, your furry friend gets both physical and mental exercise. Find out what's behind this dog sport and which exercise is suitable for outdoors here!


My dog eats snow - what should I do?

Does your dog really enjoy eating snow? Read this article to find out whether this behaviour is dangerous, when you should intervene and what you can do if your dog can't tolerate it.


Breaking the barking habit

Is your dog driving you crazy with his excessive barking? Find out what's behind his behaviour and get tips on how to stop him from barking.


Training recall with dogs: Come doggie, come!

You want to give your furry friend the freedom to run free on walks? No problem with the right recall! Discover effective training tips to reliably recall your dog.