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Social distancing days

Lisa writes:

»If you remember last month's report, you already know that Silvio started a new job and we have found a new home. But with the Corona Pandemic everything has changed very quickly. Silvio now only works three days a week, which makes Freya very happy. Now we spend most of our time skateboarding, walking and watching Netflix. Freya is only just getting used to skateboarding, but most of the time she walks nicely next to the skateboard and enjoys it very much. In Nova Scotia all national parks and beaches are closed at the moment, so unfortunately we can't go anywhere with our van. Luckily, next to our van is directly the trail, so at least we have a nice route to walk. In the evening we make ourselves comfortable in our bed, watch movies and eat popcorn from Freya's HUNTER feeding bowl, which is also a great bowl for popcorn ;) (Of course it was washed properly before!) We really hope that we can go to the beautiful beaches again soon, because Freya misses them very much!«
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