Short trip to Cape Breton National Park

Lisa writes:

»When we pack our bags and drive off in the truck in the morning, Freya already knows that we are embarking on an adventure. This is the second time this year we are going to Cape Breton National Park. It is the only national park in Nova Scotia where you can find mountain landscapes. We really miss mountains in our adopted home of Lunenburg, where you only find sandy beaches and deep forests.

Over Christmas, we stay in Chéticamp, a small town just outside Cape Breton National Park. Here we also walk the famous Gypsum Mine Lake hike. One particular spot is very popular on social media - of course we also have to capture Freya's visit to the lake on camera.

The next three days we plan to do some hiking in Cape Breton National Park. Dogs are generally allowed - on a leash - and in the low season you meet almost no other hikers here. The 8-kilometre Acadian Trail is the first stop and we are rewarded with a wonderful view on the mountain. Freya loves the long hikes. There is so much to discover - I wonder if she can smell bears and coyotes? Cape Smokey Trailhead - a 10 kilometre hike - is on the agenda the next day. We walk along the beautiful trail in sunshine and plus 11 degrees. For Freya we have some treats and her outdoor water bottle LIST for the snack breaks. We track the hikes with the myHUNTER app (available in the Appstore & in the Playstore). This way we can see exactly how far we have walked on each day. In the evening, we relax in a rented wooden hut near the national park before heading back home the next morning. We want to go back to Cape Breton National Park soon, because there is still so much to discover there!«
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