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On a discovery tour in Nova Scotia

Lisa writes:

»Freya already knows most of the hiking trails in the area around Lunenburg in Nova Scotia. So this time we want to go a little further to discover a completely new trail for us. The first snow had already appeared at the beginning of November - Freya's joy was of course great! But now - end of November - we have 13 degrees and sunshine again. The next snow will probably be a while yet. Freya is very excited, she doesn't know the car park to the Birch Cove Lakes Wilderness Area yet. We are also really excited, we have packed our backpacks with food and drink (& of course some treats for Freya!) for today. With the myHUNTER app activated, we start with the Hobsons Lake Trail. Freya is jumping like mad on the many stones. She likes to go on a discovery tour, but always keeps a close eye on us. Freya is the first to discover the small lake. Charlies Lake is the perfect location to take some great pictures with a new HUNTER product. Continuing on to Charlies Lake, we arrive back at the car park after about two hours. On the way home Freya sleeps comfortably in the back seat of our truck. She is probably already dreaming of her next adventure.«
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