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Lisa writes:

»As indicated last month, Lunenburg will be the new home of Freya and us. Our van now stands next to a small German restaurant. This is where Silvio got a job. In the »Old Black Forest« restaurant he now cooks cheese spaetzle and hunter's schnitzel, while Freya and I enjoy the sun on the large property behind the restaurant. (Well, a few days ago it actually snowed again!) Directly opposite the restaurant starts a 12 km long trail which now belongs to Freya's and my daily ritual.

The sea is only 700 meters away. On nice days we sit with Freya on the big stones and relax beside the rough sea. The three of us like it so much in Canada, we want to stay here. We will tell you in the next few months whether this works as expected and whether Freya likes it. Of course, there will still be plenty of great adventures, Nova Scotia offers dream beaches, deep forests and beautiful trails. Stay healthy!«
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