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Gaff Point Hike - Hiking in Canada with Freya

Lisa writes:

»You already know from the previous reports that Freya is a water rat. This month we are going to the beautiful beaches again and enjoy our time here in Nova Scotia very much. Hirtles Beach is only a 45-minute van ride from our home. The beach is also known for surfers and Freya jumps wildly into the roaring waves. But there's one more special thing about this beach - it's the starting point for an incredibly beautiful hike: Gaff Point. The first section takes us along the beach and the rough sea. The path then leads us through a deep forest along cliffs until we have a breathtaking view of the sea and Hirtles Beach. Freya is very excited. She simply loves to go on a discovery tour. A real adventurer. We take a break here and there and find a small beach in a remote area. Freya cools down in the cold sea water, because now it is very warm in Canada now. For the complete hike we need about three hours, including some breaks. In the evening Freya is tired and slumbers deeply and firmly in our van bed. We are already looking forward to the next adventure!«
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