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Freya, a campfire and a tent

Lisa writes:

»As we are always quite slow with the van and can't drive off-road roads, we bought a truck a few weeks ago - with air conditioning, because now it is very hot every day and therefore much more comfortable for Freya to sit in a cool car. Since Freya, Silvio and I love adventure we bought a truck tent for the truck. So nothing stands in the way of the off-road adventures in the truck and tent. For Freya the destination must of course be by the sea, so we chose a place at the Bay of Fundy. The trip was already a pure adventure and Freya was quite shaken in the truck.

The tent is quickly set up on the loading area at the destination. We got a place directly at the sea, nobody is at this place except us. The mobile phone shows bad signal, the sun is shining and in the evening we make a campfire while Freya explores the area. So the three of us can relax. The first night in the tent Freya really likes - although the air mattress has a hole and so we lie on the hard floor in the morning - but the fantastic view from the tent the next morning makes us forget everything else. We are already looking forward to the next camping trip in the tent - Freya surely is too.«
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