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Camping trip into the wilderness

Lisa writes:

»The next camping trip was not long in coming. Whoever followed us on Instagram probably noticed that our blue van is at the mechanic's and the three of us are currently sleeping in the office - on an air mattress. Oh, how do we miss our comfortable van bed. Freya misses the van too, it's just simply her home. She is a real Vandog. Over Silvio's weekend we want to escape the office and dive into the wilderness of Canada. Kejimkujik National Park is only an hour's drive from our home town of Lunenburg and in the heart of Nova Scotia. Freya is more than happy when we start our first hike and explore the deep forests of the national park. There are no mountain landscapes here. But there are some lakes and a dense forest as far as the eye can see. After two hikes we want to pitch the tent on our truck near the national park and enjoy the end of the day. At a river we find the perfect place. Freya wades in the river and gets her deserved dinner while Silvio and I are enjoying the beautiful nature with a »Radler« (beer and lemonade) in our hands. Oh, it is so beautiful here. We are looking forward to next month - and you can be curious. It will be FANTASTIC!«
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