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Beach days are the best days

Lisa writes:

»Finally, the beaches and trails in Nova Scotia are open again, and of course we don't want to be told twice! Several times a week we drive the 45 minutes with our van to Crescent Beach - Freya's absolute favourite beach in the near vicinity. She squeaks as soon as we turn into the road to the beach. Crescent Beach is a dream for Freya. She runs wildly up and down the long sandy beach, jumps into the rushing waves to cool off and invites us to play with her squeaky bark. We stroll along the long beach and then sit on the warm stones, drink our coffee and picnic sandwiches. Meanwhile Freya digs large sand pits and then lies down in the cool hollow to relax. It's so great to have your mobile home right on the beach with you. Beach days are exhausting, so every now and then Freya gets a »Pup Cup« - a dog ice cream scoop from a regional ice cream shop - but she has always more than earned it :). We'll see how often we can make it to the beach next month, because restaurants will probably be allowed to open again in June, so Silvio will have to work full time again. But we will report about that next month.«
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