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Lisa writes:

»After two months in St. Andrews in New Brunswick we pack everything into the van again (where do all the new things come from?). We leave the small town and look forward to new adventures. Somehow it's sad, too, because Freya has already made some friends here and our blue van was already known in the whole village. But as nice as it was in the apartment with hot water, microwave and bathtub, we are incredibly happy to move back into the van.

Our route takes us back to Peggys Cove, where Freya jumps from stone to stone and merges with the colors of nature. Pollys Cove is a short but beautiful walk to the sea and leads along anthracite coloured stones. The perfect location to take beautiful photos. We continue towards Mahone Bay and Lunenburg. This region will be the »new home« of Freya & us. What the three of us are doing here and why we are staying here, we will tell you next month!«
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