Adventure on the South Coast of Nova Scotia

Lisa writes:

»For Freya, beach days are always the absolute highlight - but a four-hour hike along the sparkling sea tops everything, of course. The »Green Bay to Broad Cove« trail on Nova Scotia's south coast had been on our minds for a long time, and February seemed like the perfect time to do it. After we had often been snowshoeing the last few weeks, the powdery snow at the end of February is now completely gone and so we start the hike by the sea in sunshine and a pleasant five degrees plus. For the first half hour, the trail leads us along some holiday homes on the sandy beach until we have to climb over large stones to stay on the route. Freya dashes back and forth like a wild one and is absolutely thrilled with today's hiking route after only a few metres. After about two hours we arrive at our destination and take a short break. We look out over the wide sea and enjoy the wonderful, rugged nature of Canada. Meanwhile, Freya goes exploring in the forest and seems to have spotted an animal. We hurry over to her to see what she has discovered there. Right in front of her we can spot the porcupine and quickly call Freya to us - she comes back with some quills on her paw and face. Oh dear. Fortunately the spines are not very deep and so we can remove them all ourselves. We start the way back. Freya has quickly forgotten her encounter with the porcupine and jumps into the rushing waves to cool off. Thanks to the myHUNTER app (available in the Appstore & in the Playstore), we know exactly how long it took us for the 11 kilometre hike. Four hours with a few photo stops and a snack break. We will definitely put this hike on our list of favourites.«
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