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A little timeout from vanlife

Lisa writes:

»We take a little timeout from life in the van and rent an apartment in St. Andrews in New Brunswick during the very cold winter months. Freya likes it very much to change the van again for a big and warm apartment. St. Andrews is a great small town for dogs, in the wintertime it is very quiet. Most of the inhabitants of the city are not here but somewhere in the warm. Directly in front of our door the Van Horne Trail starts, a beautiful walk where Freya has a lot to discover. Freya has also found some four-legged friends in the town.

It does her good again to be with dogs every day. She has already found her favourite place - by the water, of course. She would go into the water even in the present icy temperatures. Silvio has found a job in the village and so Freya and I spend most of our time taking nice walks by the water or snow walks through the forest. The village is teeming with deer and squirrels - Freya always looks very interested - but she doesn't have the hunting instinct in her. We'll stay here for a while before we embark on another adventure.«
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