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Sun protection for the dog

Summer at last! That means sun, high temperatures, lots of hours in the fresh air with your furry friend, sunglasses, maybe a sun hat and of course sun cream. Just for your master and mistress? Better not! Because be careful: the strong radiation can also be dangerous for your sunbathing four-legged friend. We explain how sunburn affects dogs and how you can protect your pet.

Can dogs get sunburn?

Sun on the skin can trigger feelings of happiness, has positive effects on the psyche and can even strengthen the immune system. But when sunbathing, the right measure is crucial: too many sun rays can cause sunburn - even in animals like cats and dogs.

There are dog breeds that are particularly at risk of getting sunburn. These include short-haired dogs such as

  • dalmatians,
  • chihuahuas,
  • whippets,
  • bulldogs,
  • breeds with light-coloured fur
  • or nacked dogs.

If your pet likes to sunbathe on his back and has little fur on his belly, he can also get sunburned quickly from the UVB and UVA radiation. Dogs suffering from skin diseases or parasite infestations should also avoid the sun.

How will I know if my dog has sunburn?

You can recognise a sunburn in your four-legged sun worshipper by a reddening of the skin, just like in humans. The skin is hot and can form scales or even blisters. If the burn is severe, the skin may become inflamed. Sensitive parts of your pet's body are often affected by sunburn:

  • the head,
  • the dog's nose, especially the bridge of the nose,
  • the area around the mouth and the eye area,
  • the ears, especially the insides and the tips, and in general
  • Skin areas with little fur, such as the belly, because fur not only protects the four-legged friend from the cold, but also from the heat.

Sunburns can be very dangerous for your fluffy pet: they can cause long-term skin cancer or skin tumours. So when you're having a hot day in the garden, or when you're making your packing list for a summer holiday, make sure you think about sun protection for your dog.

Sunburn in dogs - What can I do?

If your furry friend has been burnt by the sun, the first thing you should do is bring him into the shade. Sunburn can cause pain to your four-legged friend. A cream without harmful ingredients will provide relief: it soothes the skin and moisturises. If you don't have a suitable cream at hand, use home remedies: For example, you can make a poultice with yoghurt to cool the skin. If the burns are severe, you should take your furry friend to a vet. They can treat the inflammation with cortisone or antibiotics.

Sun protection for the dog - this is how you prevent it

Enjoy sunbathing to the full - with the right sun protection, your darling can have fun playing, romping and snoozing outdoors in summer without the risk of sunburn. Our effective tips for protection against excessive sunlight are:

  • Shade: The most natural sun protection is to stay in the shade. Of course, your four-legged friend does not have to do without the warming sensation of the sun on his skin. We therefore recommend that you regularly swap his sunbathing spot in the garden with a shady spot to give his skin a break. The sunbathing spot should ideally be in partial shade to avoid the blazing sunlight - especially in the midday sun. You can also set up an umbrella, for example.
  • Sun cream: Since you can't always stay in the shade, sun cream is the best protection. You can also apply conventional sun cream to your four-legged pet. Pay attention to the ingredients: the sun cream should be free of silicones and fragrances. You can apply sunscreen to all areas of your pet that have little fur - even fresh scars, but please do not apply it to the dog's sensitive nose! When applying the lotion, make sure it doesn't run into the nose, ears or eyes, and that your pet doesn't lick it off. A high sun protection factor is the best way to protect your dog from aggressive UV rays, and a waterproof cream will even protect him when he's swimming in cool water. Don't forget to reapply regularly!

Conclusion: The sun's rays on the skin are not only pleasant - they can also cause dangerous sunburn. But don't worry: with the right sun protection, your furry friend can still enjoy a sunbath. The best protection for their sensitive body parts is sun cream. With sunscreen on, your pet can enjoy all the fun of summer. How does your four-legged friend cope with strong sunlight? Have you ever had to fight sunburn or has the right sunscreen always saved you from it? We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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