Dog puppy Sunny with its dog mother

Puppy love: Sunny - a special puppy moves in

Julia's Homestory: The story of little Sunny

Today I would like to tell you the story of our little Sunny. Sunny has been with us for six weeks and her story is a very special one.

When our neighbours decided to buy a puppy, they asked us for advice because we are already dog owners. After visiting a breeder they came to me and told me that there is a puppy in this litter that has a heart defect and the breeder is looking for someone to take the puppy in. At first our neighbours thought about whether they would take the sick puppy with them and thus have two puppies, but they decided against it, because the effort and the fear to get along with two puppies was too big.

Puppy love: this is Sunny

I couldn't sleep at night because I couldn't get rid of the thought of what would happen to the little one if nobody took her in. We already own a French Bulldog our Gipsy. Therefore we were aware of what it means when a puppy moves in. It is a lot of work, requires a lot of time and organisation. I was not sure: "Am I ready to take on this work again?" TThere were also many other things that don't really matter for a healthy puppy. What about the medical costs? Insurance wouldn't cover the puppy, as she already has a pre-existing condition. Can we cover these costs? And are we really prepared to do so? Will the little one get along with the big one? All these questions are buzzing around in my head. And also the question, what if we cannot help her? Can I emotionally bear the fact that the dog will not stay with us for long and will perhaps have a shorter life than a healthy dog? It should also be noted that the amount of work, time and basic care costs for two dogs are considerably higher than for just one. Even though the motivation to help Sunny is huge, it is important to think about all the possible consequences and also to think about the future.

Sunny on tour

The decision is taken

I was very moved by the story of little Sunny. After consultation in our small family council we decided to contact the breeder. After a few visits we decided to accept little Sunny at our home.

Sunny has conquered our heart in a storm. After moving in, it soon turned out that we had made the right decision, because Gipsy also took Sunny in with love and shares everything with her, including her food.

Sunny with her mother

In the meantime, we have already passed the first tests, which unfortunately do not bode well. Further dates are now coming up, which hopefully will bring us more clarity.

But for us it is clear that we will do everything to make sure that the little one will have a wonderful dog life full of love. Of course we hope that everything will turn out positively and that Sunny will continue to enrich our family with her cheeky and cheerful nature for a long time to come.

We will keep you informed about the further living and growing together. Look forward to more exciting stories from Julia and Sunny.

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