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Out with the dog

Enjoy outdoor adventures

Exercise in the fresh air does you good - especially your dog enjoys the outdoor air to the fullest. Your dog's highlights should include your daily walks. Finally spending time together in the great outdoors. But be careful - if the same routine is used for every day, this will quickly lead to boredom.

Our tip:

Break the routine

If you make walking your dog varied, you can combine physical and mental workload with training and a lot of fun. Not only the obedience of your dog will be improved, but also the motivation will be increased by short training units.

Here you must not forget to reward your darling directly after successfully completing the command. Dog biscuits and treats should always be at your side. If you don't feel like having crumbs in your jacket pocket or your jacket stays at home anyway, belt bags or snack bags are especially practical. They can be easily attached with a clip or loop and allow for quick and clean removal of treats or even food.

Fun and games must not be missing

Use your dog's play instinct. If there is enough space, you can include retrieval exercises in your gas round. Please do not use dangerous wooden sticks or stones. Suitable dummies do not take up much space and are much safer and more comfortable for your pet. Besides the more solid game dummies, there are also fillable dummies. Especially when the dog has to learn to retrieve, these trainer dummies are very helpful. The dog quickly understands that the reward comes directly from the dummy and will always gladly and quickly bring it back to you.

Notice: If your dog is not yet 100% retrievable, you should in any case use a suitable drag or search line for securing. An uncontrolled dog can quickly become a danger for itself and others and can also cause heavy fines in some places.

Be sporty on the road

Take your dog. Dogs also love to jog or casually run next to your bike. Here it is important that you do not overstrain your dog. Start with small tours and only slowly increase your speed and distance. Take care of your dog.

The choice of suitable sportswear is not only of interest to you - your dog also wants to be comfortable and safe by your side.

Suitable sports harnesses, wide necks and functional lead lines can be helpful. Optimally adjusted, softly padded harnesses or collars distribute the pull of the leash and prevent the straps from painfully cutting into the fur and sensitive dog skin.

You prefer to have your hands free during sports? With a functional jogging belt, you can safely store your food and your mobile phone, and your dog can walk safely next to you thanks to the integrated leash. The elastic leash reduces unwanted jerking and can be quickly released if necessary.

When cycling it is important to let your dog run with enough space and a safe distance. In dangerous situations a quick release must be guaranteed. Bicycle and jogging leashes specially developed for such situations have elastic inserts and quickly releasable tong carabiners. Safety first.

Take small trips in your environmentWith your quadruped, of course. You can walk or get your car. Excursions and tours are the best outdoor adventures and can start right outside your front door.Well-equipped, as is well known, the best way to travel. Don't just think of your provisions and equipment. Your dog will also get hungry and thirsty and would like to lie comfortably. Easily stowable food and drinking bowls are just as important as practical drinking bottlesand comfortable dog blankets.In the car, you should of course ensure that your dog is transported safely. Foldable transport boxes are ideal and can also be used as a bed or retreat at your destination. If you prefer safety harnesses, think about your car. Protective blankets protect the back seat or boot from dog hair, dirt and scratches.

Conclusion: If your dog is happy, so are you. Create new interesting incentives every day. Adventures do not always have to take place far away?

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