myHUNTER – The app for best (dog) friends

With myHUNTER the first official HUNTER app was recently launched. In both the Appstore (for iOS devices) and the Playstore (for Android devices) myHUNTER is available for download in the category »Lifestyle«. The app has already been installed on the smartphone by numerous curious HUNTER fans in the first week and has been used extensively as a companion on the daily dog walks.

Find out what cool features the app offers and how it helps each and every one of you to better meet the individual needs of your dogs.

Record your most beautiful walks

myHUNTER is the personal companion of you and your dog. The app supports you in a playful way to respond to the individual needs of your dog. The so-called »dog walk alarm clock« will remind you to switch on the app when you go for a walk. Once switched on, myHUNTER records each of your walks as you collect various awards, successfully complete challenging missions and make each walk unique.

A new adventure every day: Collect awards and complete challenging missions

myHUNTER does not only accompany you during the walk. You can also keep track of your progress afterwards with detailed statistics on past rounds, your collected awards and successfully completed missions. By the way, you can already start thinking about which round you could collect the next awards and master missions with your dog. The daily and weekly goals can be adjusted with one click and compared with previous goals.

Your dog has »sunk« his ball into the lake and you are looking for a new favourite piece? Shop directly from the app at »We love HUNTER«

To each of your unique dog walks belongs the suitable equipment with everything what the dog lovers heart desires. Therefore, you can of course shop directly from the app at »We love HUNTER« or look at the retailer map in the app to see where you can find HUNTER products in your area.

myHUNTER as a constant companion in everyday life

While you are out for a walk, reviewing your last mission or browsing here at »We love HUNTER«, myHUNTER is continuously being developed and enriched with new features. In the long term, myHUNTER will accompany you and your dog in many areas of your daily life and provide support »like a professional« by means of artificial intelligence - look forward to it!

You would like to give feedback to the myHUNTER development team and help to actively develop the app? You can do that easily by sending an email

You can also tell your friends and acquaintances about the app and share your impressions with other users of the Appstore or Playstore by rating myHUNTER there.

Let us make myHUNTER your permanent, personal companion that you won't want to miss anymore!

Have you already installed and tried the app? Not yet? Then let's go, what are you waiting for?

Best regards, your »We love HUNTER« team

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