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It's summertime! - 5 tips for hot summer days with your four-legged friend

To get straight to the point: It's hot out there! Here are 5 tips for you and your four-legged friend to get through the summer heat safe and sound.

Tip 1: Adjust walking times and distances to the temperatures

Avoid walks in the midday heat, because dogs can only sweat over their paws and give off too much heat by panting. However, if this is no longer sufficient to regulate body temperature, there is a risk of heat stroke. So in summer, especially with temperatures around 30 degrees Celsius, it's better to go for a walk early in the morning or late in the evening and always take enough water with you - for your dog and of course for yourself. Furthermore, it makes a big difference whether you walk on asphalt and paved surfaces or in a shady forest, ideally even to a lake or along a stream. Just cooling your dog‘s paws and the often several degrees cooler air in the forest will increase the well-being of your four-legged friend. You can also track your »summer route« with the myHUNTER app (available in Playstore and Appstore) and share it with other dog owners in your area!

Tip 2: Occupation through water games and licking dog ice

You have a lake, a river or a creek near your home? Then there you go, because in the cool water every hot day is bearable. If your dog doesn't like to swim, but prefers to bathe his paws, that's ok too - the main thing is »cool feet«. If your darling belongs to the »water lovers« and likes to swim longer distances, a well-fitting life jacket is the perfect companion to give your dog and you a good and safe feeling. Especially inexperienced swimmers easily overestimate themselves when covering longer distances in the water. Therefore always watch your dog very carefully! If you have the feeling that he could use a break, because he has already worked himself out in and around the water, slow him down with a pleasant break on a comfortable blanket. Often four-legged friends don't even notice at first how exhausted they already are. Fillable snack toys are an excellent way to keep them occupied during the »time-out« at the lake and in the garden at home. Filled the evening before with a mixture of natural yoghurt and liver sausage or tasty chicken or beef broth and stored in the freezer overnight, these toys are attractive for your four-legged friend in a whole new dimension. The cold toy together with the »dog ice cream« filling inspires Bello and Co. in no time and cools wonderfully »from the inside out«. And if your four-legged friend already tastes so good, why don't you just take an ice cream (for humans, unless you like the taste of your self-created dog ice cream!) and enjoy yourself!

Tip 3: Your own four walls as a cool retreat

Nothing is more unpleasant than when it feels warmer inside your flat than outside. If this is the case, you have probably done something wrong. Therefore, our simple but very effective tip is to open the windows wide in the evening and leave them open until the next morning so that cool air can circulate through your home. In the morning, as soon as it gets warmer outside or as soon as you set off for work: Close the windows and, if possible, darken the apartment, either with curtains, blinds or, at best, venetian blinds. That way it stays pleasantly cool in your home! Furthermore, in summer it is especially important that your four-legged friend always has unlimited access to water. Simply place several bowls distributed around the apartment and fill them regularly with fresh, cool water.

Tip 4: Smaller food portions or wet (canned) food

You probably know it from yourself: On particularly hot days, eating several small portions feels especially good. For example, we humans like to eat watery melon, fresh salad, etc. For your four-legged friend's digestive tract and circulation too, switching from two to three or more small meals is also pleasant - this puts much less strain on the body. Some four-legged friends don't really want to eat at all. If this is the case, offer wet (canned) food instead of dry food or see if your dog likes fresh fruit and vegetables. Cucumbers, melon and the like are particularly rich in water and - if they digest it well - a welcome summery change in the bowl!

Tip 5: Recognise (imminent) heat stroke and be able to give first aid

Should your dog, for whatever reason, overheat, it is advisable to help him quickly and properly. For the benefit of your pet, it is therefore advisable to deal with the first signs of heat stroke and the most important first aid measures. Be aware that quick action can save lives in such a situation!

In this sense: Enjoy the »Dog Days«, that's the name of the especially hot summer days in Europe from July 23rd to August 23rd, together with your four-legged friend!

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