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Intelligence game for dogs: Unpacking gifts

Whether it's Christmas, a birthday or just because - unwrapping presents is fun for your dog too. The additional mental work for your pet is a good balance to the physical workout when you are romping in the park or going for a walk. Bear in mind, however, that this trick requires a lot of concentration and skill from your furry friend. Therefore, you should plan a maximum of 10-15 minutes for this game so as not to overtax your pet.

If your dog has no experience in unpacking, it is better to start with a low level of difficulty. This way, your dog will keep enjoying the game. We have put together 3 variants of the intelligence game for you in different levels of difficulty.

You will need this:

  • Dog snack, treats
  • Packaging material (e.g. sandwich paper, natural gift or drawing paper)
  • adhesive tape
  • small cardboard box, cardboard box (if it may be a bit more difficult)
  • Gift ribbon, cord made of natural material (as a sophisticated game variation)
Unpack gift

Let your dog unwrap presents - this is how it works

Choose a highlight for your dog as a gift, for example his favourite dog treats or a larger treat.

  1. Level of difficulty: easy
    Wrap the "gift" loosely in paper. The most suitable paper for this is paper that is as natural as possible. To get started, it is usually sufficient to close the gift by folding, twirling or carefully crumpling the wrapping paper. For dogs that already know the principle and are not unpacking something for the first time, adhesive strips can also be used to seal the gift. Present your "gift" and ask your dog to unwrap it. If he doesn't understand what you want him to do, help him a little and open a corner of your gift with your fingers. By now at the latest, the seductive scent of the treat should be motivation enough to tear open the paper.

  2. Level of difficulty: : medium
    If your dog has already been tested, this game variation of unpacking is also suitable: Fill some treats or a tasty snack into an empty cardboard box, e.g. of your muesli. Close the cardboard box, then wrap it in paper and stick a few strips of tape over the open spaces. Present the gift to your pet and give him the Go to unpack.

  3. Level of difficulty: demanding
    Probably the most difficult variant is a gift wrapped in a cardboard box and paper, which you tie up with a ribbon. A hemp or jute cord is best suited for tying up the gift, so your dog can bite on it without hesitation when he tries to open the package. It is important that you choose a treat to wrap up that is appropriately popular. And, of course, you can praise your dog when it has succeeded in unpacking this gift.

Our tip: This exercise is of course always an exciting change after Christmas as well as a change from dog toys or other search and sniff games.

Are you satisfied with your packing skills and the skill of your favourite? We are curious how your dog will like it!

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