Cat Gismo and dog Paula

Gismo the tomcat telling his inside story: The day that changed my life

Outrageous! Tomcat Gismo was simply thrown into cold water and one day he had to share his life with a dog. In the following you can read how he experienced »day X«:

»It was a beautiful day with wonderful weather. I lay on the garden couch and heard my mistress' car arrive. Since I had not seen her the whole day, I was especially happy and rushed straight to her. I wrapped myself around her legs and waited purring to be stroked. I estimated that she had been shopping and therefore did not have her hands free for welcoming me. She unlocked the door and we went into the apartment together. The door closed. Suddenly and unexpectedly a bad smell came over me. I looked up, confused but not suspecting anything bad.

There was »it« - a small beige ball, which stank bestially. To be on the safe side I jumped onto the dining table. My mistress must have felt my horrified gaze and looked at me. Then she explained in a calm and joyful voice that I now have a little sister.

Dog and cat

Little? A sister? She must be crazy!

First of all I remained sitting and watched what happened. The stinking ball of fur was put on the floor. It could actually move and jumped onto my (!) couch in one go. Hours later it was still lying there and didn't go away. Hm... thoughts came up that I would have to accept the situation. But it didn't move very much and except for that strange smell it seemed to be quite harmless.

First of all I rushed outside again. My mistress opened the window for me and even left it open. Excitedly I told my buddies about this encounter. They laughed out loud and said »Welcome to the club«. »Just take care of your food and make sure you're the first in bed!«. Very valuable tips, as it should turn out quickly!

Dog and cat outside

In conclusion: After living with a dog for seven years now, I can say that it is not too bad. After all, the dog does what I want and instead of two legs, I now have six. There is even more often very fresh food! And to the strange »dog smell« one can actually get used to somehow.«

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