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From the home office: Luise with Amber & Aldo

Hello, all you »together lonely people« out there,

like most of you, I've been in the home office for about two weeks. My partner, who is also currently working from home, is a few days in the lead. So we are sitting here on 55 sqm with two old dogs and work from the same room for two different employers. It's crazy, but we're well set up and the coffee supply is secured!

The biggest room of our attic flat, the living room, is our co-working space in these times. The sometimes louder, sometimes quieter snoring and in our dreams quietly »whuffing« dogs calm our nerves when the hard- and software gets stuck in between.

Our everyday life has not changed that much after the first »sudden home office shock«. We get up in the morning at the same time as usual and share the first walk with the dogs - he goes with the »fat one«, Mastinomix Aldo, I go with »Amberlein«, my 11.5 year old boxer. Then work, work, work, lunch, get some fresh air with our dog and we go on. Because we really can't complain about too little work!

For HUNTER I work in the marketing team, participate in great projects, am in regular contact with the press, write texts of all kinds, organize in the background the cooperation with partners and partners to be. In addition, I have recently also been (co-)responsible for the contents of the »We love HUNTER« magazine of our online premium partner of the same name and am currently in the process of setting up an exciting and varied editorial plan for you, our readers. If you have good ideas, know great and inspiring dog and/or cat people or have a topic in your heart that you feel has received far too little attention so far, please let me know by commenting on this article or by sending an email! I am totally excited!

See you soon! Stay healthy!

Your Luise (Marketing & Public relations | HUNTER International GmbH)

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