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From the home office: Julia & Gipsy

Hello, darlings,

For a long time I dreamed about working from home. My imagination looked something like this: I don't have to get ready in the morning, just get out of bed and get on the computer. I save myself the time to go to work and back and I can organise my time independently.

Now that it's time and I'm in my home office, it's different than I thought. Because what I didn't take into account back then is that my children are also at home during this time. My idea of quiet work at home looks very different in reality.

The most important question: Where to put the computer? The living room seemed to me to be the most suitable place. So I took the desk out of the children's room and rebuild it in the living room. Okay, problem solved!

The conversion from office to home office was harder than I thought. I tried not to be distracted, but unfortunately it didn't always work out so well with children in the house. But now a few days have passed and meanwhile I really enjoy working at home. I have learned to organize myself better, to write to-do lists and to work off step by step. My time management and concentration have also benefited considerably.

During the breaks we go out into the garden so that our French bulldog Gipsy and the children can let off steam to their hearts' content. The morning and lunchtime rounds are done by the kids with Gipsy, so I can fully concentrate on my work.

With a little time and patience we made the best out of the unusual situation. Still I miss the nice conversations with my team. Although we use digital media it is not the same. I miss the smiles of my dearest colleagues, the casual chat when I get a coffee from the kitchen and the short distances, for example when you need advice from a colleague in the office next door.

In short: I am looking forward to coming back to the office.

Kind regards, your Julia from the »We love HUNTER« team

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