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From the home office: Caro & Maya

Hello dear ones,

due to the current situation we have also decided to supply you from the home office with the great products of the company HUNTER. Special times require special measures! This has changed the everyday life of all of us considerably, including my Rhodesian Ridgeback Maya (6) and me, Caro (36).

Of course the big walk in the morning should not be missing - veeery important! Maya is not a retriever and therefore by nature not predestined for retrieving, but with a little bit of practice we managed to do this and so the HUNTER Snack Dummy often accompanies us on our rounds. Because the motto of Motti is: without food, without me! – she comes right after the Muddi, hihi! That's why we have breakfast and a long digestive sleep afterwards - at least for the 4-legged specimen. From noon on boredom is announced. It whimpers and moans as if it had been lying in a dark cellar dungeon instead of on the couch in the sun (!!!) all the time. Hard to beat in drama and theatricality – I’m telling you. Ready for the stage!

So I officially enter »break« and then let's go! Since, as already mentioned, food is our top priority, there are, of course, endless possibilities of employment. From the snack ball, to the sniffing carpet, to the topic of »scent detection» (thanks to my trainer!), just to name a few things. But what if all these things are not available at the moment?

WASTE PAPER is the answer...

I'm sure you have an old box and newspapers at hand?! Crumple up the individual pages of the newspaper loosely and put them into the box and »garnish« it with some treats. Either throw them loosely into the box or put some snacks into the newspaper pages and off you go on your funny search. Maybe you click your dogs so that you can practice some great tricks - Maya and I are practicing taking off our socks (after all, we’re all not getting any younger, hihi!) Very important: Don't rush things. The training steps should be as small as possible so that your dog understands exactly what you want from him and neither of you is frustrated.

Since I have to work again, we have a short walk through the garden together, enjoy lunch and then Maya chills again to be fit for the big walk after work.

We hope you enjoyed this little insight into our everyday life and you can discover one or the other idea of occupation for you.

Greetings from our sunny home office

Maya and Caro (aka Motti and Muddi)

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