The most popular dog beaches in Germany

Do you like to be on tour with your dog? Then pack your bathing suit and explore Germany's dog beaches together with your furry friend! Digging in the sand, sniffing the fresh sea breeze and wading in the sea - it's not just us humans who enjoy the benefits that the Baltic and North Sea coasts have to offer. We show you the most beautiful dog beaches on Germany's coasts and what you should bear in mind for a perfect beach day with your dog.

The top 5 dog beaches at the North Sea

The beaches on the beautiful North Sea are a highlight for many visitors. For great holiday fun with your dog, the North Sea has some beautiful dog beaches ready. These beaches for dogs are among the most popular:

Dog beach Norddeich

The dog beach in Norddeich on the North Sea has a lot to offer for you and your dog: The dog beach is not only equipped with a poo bag dispenser, benches and litter bins, but also with attentive extras such as a dog shower, beach chairs especially for dogs as well as employment opportunities such as an agility course! Plus, your pelt-nose can romp around off-leash in a fenced-in sandy beach. Or how about a leisurely walk along the promenade (with a leash, please) and in the Wadden Sea? No wishes remain unfulfilled here.

Dog beaches Sylt

The island of Sylt is popular with many dog owners. It is not only the wonderfully white beach that convinces visitors with dogs, but also the numerous dog-friendly accommodations that make travelling with your darling easier. Recommended on Sylt: camping with your dog! On Sylt you will find many spacious dog beaches and pet-friendly accommodation, e.g. here:

  • List
  • Kampen
  • Wenningstedt
  • Hörnum
  • Rantum

Note here that the leash requirement at certain beaches depends on the season.

Schillig dog beach

At the dog beach in Schillig you and your four-legged friend can enjoy a relaxing beach holiday. On the extensive beach section, your dog can let off steam to his heart's content, dig in the sand and splash in the water. The nearby car park means you can quickly reach the sandy beach and the Wadden Sea. Whether low tide or high tide - the natural dog beach in Schillig is a true blessing for the soul of man and dog.

Dog beach Büsum

At the dog beach in Büsum you can really relax with your dog! Dogs are allowed on two sections of the beach: Your pet can romp around in the dog free run and the dog forest can also be explored with curiosity by your pelt-nose! For a clean dog beach, there are plenty of dog bag stations available. You can end the day with your leashed dog on a walk along the dike.

Dog beach St. Peter-Ording

Once you and your four-legged friend have explored just one of the 5 dog beaches in St. Peter Ording, you'll definitely want to come back! The absolute highlight: You are even allowed to walk through the dikes with your leashed four-legged friend. This is prohibited in most coastal regions. In addition, your darling has two free-wheeling zones at his disposal, where your dog can romp in the Wadden Sea without a leash. A true paradise for dogs!

Dog beaches along the Baltic Sea

The Baltic Sea is also a great place to spend a carefree holiday with your dog. And the advantage over the North Sea: bathing fun does not have to depend on the tides. Discover great dog beaches on the Baltic Sea coast:

Dog beach Scharbeutz

The dog beach in Scharbeutz offers everything your heart desires as a dog owner. Your pelt-nose can let off steam in a fenced-in dog run area, and the shallow access to the water means that even small dogs have no problem exploring the sea. In summer, trees on the beach or beach chairs offer you pleasant shade.

Timmendorfer Strand dog beach

Close to the dog beach Scharbeutz you will also find the dog beach Timmendorfer Strand. Here, too, the shallow water offers big and small dogs lots of fun. Timmendorfer Strand not only has wonderfully fine sand, but also a good infrastructure with toilets and snack stands. The holiday can come!

Dog beach Warnemünde

On hot summer days, a short trip to the Warnemünde dog beach is a good idea! Your four-legged friend can cool off perfectly in the shallow sea. In most places, including Warnemünde, you can take your dog to stretches of beach in the cold season where dogs are not allowed in the high season. Beach chairs, dog bag dispensers and a beautiful view of the Baltic Sea make the Warnemünde dog beach a great experience.

Dog beach Grömitz

Look forward to a relaxing time on the dog beach in Grömitz! Your four-legged friend is warmly welcome and well looked after here. In addition to two wonderful wide dog beaches, your furry friend is also welcome in numerous guesthouses, hotels and restaurants. A dog school in the village offers fun crime tours with dogs. And for adventurous dog owners, the cliff behind the marina offers a wonderful view of nature and the sea.

Dog beach Rügen

The island of Rügen is a holiday paradise for people and animals: Beach chair rentals on the dog beach, many dog-friendly holiday flats and fine beach sand await you on the Rügen dog beach. Here it is also allowed to romp around without a leash, but you should always pay attention to the signs. Leashes are compulsory on some parts of the beach and within the town. In the low season, however, you can explore all parts of the beach with your four-legged friend without a leash.

Tips for the dog beach

Whether a dog ban on the beach applies from 1 April to 30 September depends on the respective district. A dog ban is usually issued for hygiene and nature conservation reasons to protect the local wildlife. And a dog ban may also apply for tourism reasons, because the beaches in Germany are filled with many tourists, especially in the summer months.

So that your pet can run, romp and play to its heart's content, carefree and at best without a leash, there are several beach sections on the North Sea and Baltic Sea coasts that are marked as dog beaches. Here you can make yourself comfortable with your four-legged friend. These guidelines usually apply to dog beaches:

  • Remove dog excrement: To avoid unpleasant surprises for other visitors who prefer to walk barefoot on the beach, remove your dog's excrement properly from the beach. Although many dog beaches are equipped with poop bags, you should bring your own to be on the safe side.
  • Leash requirement: Not every dog beach may automatically be entered without a leash. Especially on shore areas, the protection of wildlife is paramount. For a respectful interaction with nature, you should therefore find out in advance what rules the municipality has laid down.
  • Attention: Keep an eye on your pet. Even if your dog enjoys a carefree romp, you should still make sure that other guests do not feel disturbed.
  • Tourist tax: Note that some dog beaches charge a tourist tax or parking fee. The amount is decided by the municipality.
  • Swimming with your dog: A holiday with your dog requires some planning. To ensure that your beach day with your dog is a complete success, you can find some valuable tips and a small checklist of things that should not be missing from your swimming bag in our article Swimming with a dog.

Conclusion: If you have planned your trip with your furry friend well in advance, it will make the trip to the dog beach much more pleasant. It's best to check with the municipality beforehand to get the latest information on the compulsory leash policy. With good equipment, treats and sunglasses, the adventure at the seaside can begin!

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