feeding game with the dog

Craft idea: DIY feeding game - how it works

Feeding game made with toilet paper rolls

Today we present you a craft idea from toilet paper rolls, which is not only fun, but at the same time activates and trains the brain of your pet.

The aim of the game is for your pet to turn the toilet paper rolls around the cord by nudging them with his paws or nose to get his treats. In order not to make it too easy for your pet, only fill individual and constantly changing toilet paper rolls. This promotes attention and at the same time the power of observation of your favourite.

This type of pet piñata is easy to make in 4 simple steps and offers a colourful change for your home.

That's what you need:

  • Treats or dry food
  • colourful craft paper in many colours
  • 10 empty toilet paper rolls
  • Glue and adhesive tape
  • Edding / Felt tip pen
  • Scissors
  • approx. 1 m cord, we recommend package cord made of natural fibre


DIY feeding game - how it works

1. Wrap

First of all, apply glue to the coloured paper and wrap it tightly around the toilet paper roll. Make sure that the paper protrudes about 3 cm at one end of the roll. To fix the edge of the roll, stick a strip of tape lengthwise over the end of the paper.

Feeding game

2. Sealing

Join the overhanging ends of the coloured paper at the toilet paper roll opening so that they form a bottom and tape the folded edges with enough adhesive tape.

Feeding game

3. Connect

Use a sharpie or alternatively a felt-tip pen and mark the toilet paper roll approx. 1.5 cm below the open edge with 2 opposite dots. Then poke holes in the marks with the scissors. Now push the package cord through. Make sure that the toilet roll can be turned around the cord without resistance. Once you have prepared all 10 toilet paper rolls, thread the cord through all the rolls and push them together. Tie a simple knot next to each of the outer toilet paper rolls so that the rolls do not move apart later.

Feeding game

4. Hang up and fill

Hang the cord tightly and freely swinging in the room, e.g. between 2 cupboards or between a door frame, and fill individual toilet paper rolls with treats - and you're ready to go.

Feeding game

And what's the conclusion: has your darling got the hang of it?

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