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Comes from the heart: The magazine from »We love HUNTER«

Hey everybody,

we don't let the corona virus get us down, we are partly in the office and partly in the home office. Hope you and your loved ones are well!

In the past few days we have been working hard with friends and partners on a new heart project, because »We love HUNTER« is more than just the largest HUNTER brand shop with a full range of our favourite brand. »We love HUNTER« - that is also a team of good-humoured and highly motivated colleagues who give their best for you every day. As you can certainly imagine, we share our home with dogs, cats or even both (yes, that's possible!) and have many topics on our minds that we are convinced will be of interest to you as well. From now on you can be curious about our magazine with exclusive articles that can only be read on

While we are busy in the background to prepare exciting topics for you, our team has already put together some first tips and suggestions for you, which we would like to pass on to you today. From animal lover to animal lover so to speak:

  • Take some offline time out by putting your smartphone down for several hours or even banishing it to another room. This time belongs only to you, your children and/or your quadrupeds. Make yourself comfortable on the sofa, pick up a book and just read again. By the way, your four-legged friend will be happy to be stroked and your child will enjoy a quiet, shared reading experience.
  • Be aware that with the closure of schools and kindergartens and the »moving« of the office into your home, a change also comes along for your dog or cat. If your four-legged friends have been used to resting for several hours a day, you should now create a retreat for them. Gladly in another room of your apartment or even on another floor of your house. Allow your four-legged friends to do so, so that they can slowly get used to this new situation!
  • Do not forget to strengthen your immune system! Whether you go for a walk, a jogging tour or a little bike ride in the fresh air - getting out, clearing your head, looking positively into the future and making plans is good for the immune system. Even food cooked with love, a delicious tea, breathing deeply and coming to rest has a positive effect and can be perfectly combined with an extra cuddle unit for dog and/or cat, which by the way also supports the immune system.
  • Now is the perfect time to teach your quadruped funny tricks or to experiment with your camera! You don't endanger other people, you strengthen the bond to your quadruped and you can enjoy every little training progress and every successful photo. The way is the goal... just start and just do it ?! Share your creative ideas with the HUNTER team on Instagram or Facebook - use the hashtag #welovehunter

Keep well!

Your Luise from the »We love HUNTER« team

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