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Christmas gifts for dogs: great ideas for the festive season

Christmas time is just around the corner! Now the season begins again, when you think about suitable gift ideas for friends and family members. Your beloved dog should also receive plenty of presents - but which Christmas gift is the right one for your furry friend? We'll give you some Christmas gift tips, tell you how to make great DIY gifts with a little skill and how you can make other dog owners happy too.

Christmas shopping: 7 gift tips for your dog

Your dog may be looking forward to a comfy place to sleep this Christmas, or you could boost his playtime with some new toys. Here are our 7 gift tips for dog accessories:

1. Advent calendar

Anticipation is the best joy. How about an advent calendar for your four-legged friend? A gift like this gives your owner a little surprise every day when you open the doors, and your four-legged friend will be delighted with the little presents.

2. Collars and leashes

You can find beautiful collars, harnesses and leashes in a wide variety of materials and colours and for all kinds of uses. No matter what you choose - for the festive season it can definitely be a little more extraordinary or glamorous. It's not just you who wants to look smart, your dog also enjoys the attention when people talk to him about his great outfit.

Our tip: Surprise your dog with a special highlight for Christmas. You can not only immortalise your dog's name on a personalised collar: How about adding something to it? For example, a suitable character trait of your four-legged friend, an additional nickname or a short expression of your love such as "Kalle - My Love" - let your imagination run wild!

3. Dog beds

If your dog prefers to sleep on your sofa or enjoys his dreams in your soft bed, his old basket might not be comfortable enough anymore. Surprise him this Christmas with an extra cosy dog bed or a large, well-cushioned dog sofa so that your four-legged friend will be freeing up your sofa again in the future. For an extra cuddly feeling, how about a cosy dog blanket?

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4. Dog toys

Does your dog like to romp around in the garden and chase everything that the wind blows up? He may also like to take different stuffed toys into his dog basket, cuddle them and give them a good shake every now and then. You'll find dog toys for all the different needs and activities of your pelt-nose: Maybe you'll curb your Labrador's hunting instinct with an exciting ball or throwing dummy or give your sensitive Chihuahua a cuddly companion made of fabric.

Our tip: Wrap the present for your dog. Unwrapping presents under the Christmas tree is also a lot of fun and excitement for your four-legged friend. As a pre-Christmas activity, you can also train this with your dog beforehand.

Dog unpacks gift

5. Dog clothing

Four-legged friends with thin coats get cold quickly in the cold season. Dogs with an undercoat, on the other hand, dry very slowly after long walks in the rain and could catch a cold. This is where suitable dog clothing can help. So how about giving your furry friend a stylish rain coat for the wet days and a warming winter coat for the icy winter months?

6. Snack products & bowls

If you have a lazy dog with a steady appetite, a snack toy might be the right gift idea, as it's a great way to combine his passion for treats and your desire for more exercise. You can also complement the Christmas gift with tasty and healthy dog snacks without added sugar. And since it's all in the eye, you can treat your furry friend to a new food bowl. That way, your pet's food will taste even better in the future!

Dog with bowls

7. Wellness and care

A healthy dog is a balanced and happy dog! So that your pet feels good all round, don't just spoil him with balanced food, but also give him a gift set you put together yourself at Christmas, consisting of soothing care products such as a grooming glove:

  • Grooming glove: With grooming products such as a grooming glove or alternatively a grooming brush, you can relax your dog's muscles in a particularly pleasant way.
  • Nail scissors: If your furry friend is completely relaxed, you can perfectly complement her wellness treatment by carefully treating the claws.
  • Tooth care spray: Gently clean your dog's teeth with a tooth care spray.
  • Dog shampoo: Wash your dog's coat with a gentle dog shampoo. You can also massage it thoroughly with your hands.
  • Paw care: Finally, rub the pads with a paw care product. This keeps your dog's sensitive skin supple, especially when it snows in winter.
clipping claws on a dog

Our tip: Are you looking for a suggestion on how to massage and pamper your dog in a particularly pleasant way? We'll tell you in our article "Time with your dog - dog massage to relax".

DIY Christmas Gifts for your Dog

You can create a particularly individual Christmas gift for your loved one by using different utensils and tools and making a Christmas gift yourself. We give you 3 gift ideas to make yourself:

  • Bake treats: Here's where you wield the stirring rod! Whether it's aromatic cheese, juicy tuna or healthy beetroot - with our delicious recipe ideas for treats, you'll have your furry friend wrapped around your finger in the future. Find out how in our article "Homemade dog biscuits: Vanessa's favourite recipes for your dog".
  • Make a sniffing carpet: If you're looking for an exciting change of pace for your dog, you can make the perfect indoor activity with little effort and skilled hands. Later you can hide treats in this shaggy dog toy. Maybe your pet will turn out to be a real sniffing detective? Click here for our craft idea: "DIY sniffing carpet - how it works".
  • DIY feeding game: Encourages your pet's play instinct and attention. The aim of the game is to get your furry friend to twist the toilet paper rolls around the cord by nudging them with his paws or nose to get to his treats. In our article "Craft idea: DIY feeding game - how it works", we explain how it works.

Active with a dog: Christmas ideas for family members and friends

Do you spend a lot of time outdoors, enjoy exploring new areas and are open to extraordinary activities? You may also want to give a dog owner in your family or circle of friends a gift for Christmas instead of being active yourself. These are our 4 gift tips for dog lovers and their pets:


Would you like something "bigger"? Whether it's a hiking tour or relaxing at the dog beach: give your dog or a close dog owner a treat and surprise them with a short trip to the next hiking area, lake or even the sea.

Dog trip

2. Dog swimming

Does your dog love water? Then a voucher for extensive swimming fun is an excellent idea. At the end of the summer season, some outdoor pools offer a "dog swimming day". Here, the animals can romp in the water to their heart's content and frolic on the large open-air swimming pool lawn. Wouldn't you just like to give away a voucher for the next summer and autumn season? Or how about a ticket for a dog swimming pool that can be visited all year round? Not only can dogs have fun swimming, but they can also relax with physiotherapy treatments.

3. Agility cours

Would you like to strengthen the bond with your four-legged friend or do you have a particularly sporty family member with an active dog at his side? Then try your luck with agility training. In workshops and courses, people and their animals learn how to do it properly, can exchange ideas with other dog sports enthusiasts and lose any extra pounds from the Christmas holidays.

4. Mud challenges

Have you ever heard of a dog run or a dog mud challenge? Especially for very active dog owners who are open to adventure and team sports with their furry noses, taking part in competitions of this kind is just the right highlight.

Conclusion: Christmas gifts for dogs and dog lovers can be both creative and adventurous. From dog coats to cosy sleeping places to exciting activities, there is something on offer for every character and size of dog. Were we able to inspire you? Tell us what will be under your Christmas tree - we are looking forward to it!

Can't make up your mind? Maybe a surprise box is the right Christmas gift - with it you give a small selection of different products.

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