Illustrator Lydia Neuschmelting

Chatting with: Illustrator Lydia Neuschmelting

Hello Lydia, some of our customers will certainly have positive memories of you, because on »World Dog Day« last year you tirelessly and absolutely patiently drew over 100 individual dog portraits by hand. It is no exaggeration to say that customers in the Bielefeld HUNTER-Shop literally stood in line to get a portrait of their four-legged friend from you. Did you expect such a rush and have you ever had a similar job before as a »pet quick-drawer«?

Last year's »World Dog Day« in the HUNTER shop was really a great experience. I would never have thought that so many people wanted to have a portrait of their darling drawn by me and of course I was even more pleased that my work was so well received. Even when I was in the shop for the second time, on 6th and 7th December 2019, to draw, the reaction was again very positive. I had not drawn »exclusively animals« until World Dog Day. Normally I attend weddings, birthdays or other celebrations as a »quick drawer for human beings« but drawing dogs and the one or other cat is quite special and is also especially much fun.

What do you personally like to draw most, which themes and motifs inspire you?

What I really like most is drawing animals or small scenes with unusual characters. I like it very much to enrich people, animals and situations that at first glance seem everyday with small details or unusual elements. But also quick drawing at events is something that I especially enjoy.

Do you have your own dog or cat?

Unfortunately I don't have a dog or cat at home, but I do have three sheep. But in the future I will definitely have a dog ;) .

When did your preference for illustrations begin and do you do it full-time?

Maybe that's a boring answer, but I always liked to draw as a child and I always wanted to do it somehow professionally. After school, I studied communication design at the Folkwang University in Essen, majoring in illustration, and now I'm a freelance illustrator, graphic designer and also a quick-draw artist for events.

Now if one of our readers is as enthusiastic about your work as we are - how can he/she contact you and commission you for a dog or cat portrait? And how does the whole thing work? Do you ask for a photo of the animal or do you also ask for character traits to be named which ultimately flow into your work?

Actually, all I really need is one or more photos of the animal on which the face is clearly visible. Of course it helps to know some character traits, then I can emphasize certain features of the face. I can also incorporate customer wishes such as certain colours, a name banner or small decorations that make the whole thing even more personal. The order itself is easily done by email or by sending a message via Instagram (@lydianeuschmelting).

Thanks for taking the time for us! Maybe we will see you again this year in the HUNTER shop :) .

Thanks for the interview. I also hope that I can be a guest in the HUNTER shop again this year :) .

Best regards Lydia Neuschmelting

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