Reasons for a dog

5 good reasons for having a dog as a pet

Why should you get a dog?

There are many good reasons to get a dog. No matter whether you simply want to use your dog as a family dog, a sports dog or a working dog - he will always be a loyal companion. Even though he will surely drive you to despair with some outrageous deeds (for example: when he steals the sausage from the plate or repeatedly rolls in mud puddles), he will nevertheless always give you a smile and provide a lot of variety. It's never boring with a dog.

Your perfect best friend

  1. A dog keeps you fit

    A great advantage of having a dog is that it will get you out in the fresh air in all weathers, thus promoting your physical health. Rain is no longer an excuse. Lots of outdoor exercise activates your defences, stimulates your cardiovascular system and strengthens your immune system. Sitting on the couch from morning till night is now a thing of the past.
  2. Your agility is increased

    Sometimes a leisurely walk is all it takes to get your musculoskeletal system going and keep you fit. However, if you have chosen a more active dog, you will be challenged. A lot of exercise and activity are on the agenda. Agility training, Cani Cross or other dog sports are good options for this. With the right partner on four paws by your side, sport can be twice as much fun. Walking, jogging or even competitions will awaken your ambition and increase your fitness. If you have an older or calmer dog, calmer activities such as man trailing or similar tracking work are a good idea. 3.
  3. Good for your mental health

    Most dogs are very social and therefore always loyal to your side. Feel-good managers sense your mood, keep you company and are quiet and non-judgmental listeners. However, your furry friend is not only a soul comforter when you are worried. Petting or spending time with a dog can relieve stress and have a calming effect. With their nature and temperament, they often provide lots of laughs and good humour. Properly trained, dogs can even recognise many signs of physical and mental illness. This is why dogs are often used as therapy dogs for people with disabilities or in old people's homes.
  4. You are always around people

    Your dog regularly asks you to leave your sofa and your own four walls for a walk. Dogs can be like magnets to people. Children in particular are drawn to these cuddly contemporaries. Your new pet helps you to talk to people. In addition, your dog ownership connects you with other dog owners and expands your social environment - whether it's going for a walk, to training grounds, to dog school or to the vet. Dog owners like to exchange ideas and chat about the dog's quirks and experiences. It is not uncommon for training communities, regular walks together in small groups, good acquaintances or even new friendships to develop. 5.
  5. A dog promotes cohesion in the family

    A dog needs care, exercise, food and attention. In order to do justice to your four-legged friend and his needs, teamwork between owner, mistress and all other family members is the order of the day. Together, caring for your dog is a lot of fun, because you are pursuing a common goal: your dog should be able to lead the happiest life on this earth. The shared responsibility strengthens your togetherness and cohesion.

A dog has many advantages and with it you have a faithful partner, in good times as well as in difficult times. But you should also be aware of the enormous responsibility. Does a dog really fit into your life? Do you have enough time, patience and money to offer an animal a species-appropriate and safe life? In the next article, we will ask you 10 questions that you should ask yourself before buying a dog.

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