40 years with HUNTER - Let's celebrate!

Master saddler Rolf Trautwein had a vision in 1980 and fulfilled a dream with the sympathetic family business HUNTER - and he was absolutely right! For 40 years HUNTER has been able to inspire two- and four-legged friends all over the world with innovative premium products like no other. The charming, own leather manufacture in the middle of Germany is the heart of the company. Day after day, the highest quality leather is processed into accessories that bring pleasure to humans and animals alike. The self-set high standards and goals have not changed. Except for the dimensions, because the high-quality accessories now delight customers from more than 80 countries worldwide. The HUNTER team does its best every day to ensure that you can enjoy every single product. And us? We love HUNTER since many years and are looking forward every day to presenting you with such lovingly designed, functional and durable accessories and sending them to your home, no matter where and how you spend your life with your dog.

HUNTER in one word - The anniversary video

»What is HUNTER to you - in one word?«

This was the question a film team asked the HUNTER employees at the company headquarters in Bielefeld, East Westphalia. The result is a video that shows what the HUNTER family is like: diverse, humorous, authentic and, above all, with heart and soul. Have you become curious? Then click on it!

Did you already know?

  • If you put together all the leather articles produced in one year in the HUNTER manufactory, the total length is 300,000 metres. That's roughly the distance from Bielefeld to Berlin.
  • In the 34 offices at the HUNTER headquarters, 13 office dogs »work« every day.
  • The HUNTER family has grown steadily over the past 40 years. At present, around 160 people work with their hearts and minds to bring a smile to the faces of your four-legged friend and you every day.
  • Little choice? Hardly at all... the range of our love brand HUNTER comprises around 5,500 products, and one is more beautiful than the other. So it can be a difficult decision to make!
  • Made in Germany and a hit all over the world: collars, leashes and co. from HUNTER can be found in about 80 countries worldwide. So you can also choose your favourite brand when you are on holiday or travelling - HUNTER is wherever you are.

Products that bring real joy

»As the daughter of a master saddlemaker, a love of leather is in my blood. When then company was founded I was just five, but even then I was fascinated by the processes involved in manufacturing our products, not least because I also grew up with dogs. From an early age, I knew that one day I would work at HUNTER, because what could be better than putting all our passion, and an eye for detail, into making wonderful things for our loved ones? For our four-legged-friends, who enrich our lives and give us so much. Working with a beautiful, natural and, above all, sustainable material, which stirs emotions through ist feel and smell alone, which becomes more expressive with use, which is long-lasting, robust and repairable, all at our factory in Bielefeld, fills me with joy each day. Together with my team, I want to share that excitement with our customers – and we pursue that goal with dedication and a lot of enthusiasm.«

Nadine Trautwein, Managing Director HUNTER & passionate dog owner

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