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Dog clothing - when dog coats, pullovers and co. make sense

Not all dogs are naturally equipped with the perfect winter coat and need warm and dry support in the cold and wet months to avoid freezing. Hypothermia can also make dogs sick and dangerous.


Dog in the snow: Healthy through the winter

With the right measures, you can protect your dog from the frosty dangers of winter: We have effective tips for you to defy snow, ice and cold in winter and enjoy the cold season!


A cold in a dog: what is important now

In the cold season, your dog can also catch it: A cold is on its way. This article tells you how to recognise an infection and what you can do to get your four-legged friend back into shape quickly.


Strengthening the immune system in dogs - this is how it works

When it gets cold and dingy, annoying pathogens such as viruses or bacteria are often not far away. Find out what you can do to strengthen your four-legged friend's immune system and keep him fit through the cold months!


Dogs on New Year's Eve: Our 10 tips for scared dogs

Noise anxiety caused by firecrackers, fireworks and gunshots is common among dogs. Find out how you can alleviate fear on New Year's Eve and how you can make the evening stress-free in our tips.


Christmas gifts for dogs: great ideas for the festive season

Do you want to give your dog a treat for Christmas or surprise a dog owner with articles and activities for their four-legged friend? We give you tips for interesting and exciting Christmas gifts.

Christmas with a dog

Paula's tips for Christmas - Stressless through the holidays

The Christmas season has arrived and dog lady Paula would like to tell you a few things about how to get through the Christmas season with your best friends as stressless as possible.


Intelligence game for dogs: Unpacking gifts

Whether it's Christmas, a birthday or just because - unwrapping presents is fun for your dog too. The additional mental work for your pet is a good balance to the physical workout when you are romping in the park or…


Learn Dogscooting

Dashing through nature together: Dogscooting combines fun with action. Learn more about the sport of pulling dogs!